«Green» tariff

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«Green» tariff

Green» tariff — a special tariff by which the purchased electrical energy produced from alternative energy sources (except blast and coking gases, and using hydro energy — produced only micro, mini and small hydro).

«Green» tariff is the mechanism by which the state encourages the population to produce electricity in an environmentally friendly way. The size of the tariff calculated as the retail tariff for consumers of second class (legal entity) is multiplied by the coefficient of «green» tariff, which is set individually for each of the four main types of sources of green energy like wind power, solar, water and biomass. The energy suppliers are obliged to buy electric energy in the cases, amounts and at prices determined by the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in energy and utilities.

«Green» tariff is established not only for private households but also for business entities, and is not only a way to improve the environmental situation in the world and in Ukraine in particular, but also a source of profit.

Clients actively use such a system of pricing in their business activities. We provide services in establishing «green» tariff for private entities (including private farms) and legal support of process of conversion of enterprises for the production of electricity through alternative sources. We strongly support current initiatives, which aim to solve global environmental problems.

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